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Canoeing Opportunities

Most of our hydroelectric stations have facilities and signage directing you to canoe take-in and take-out locations. Check out our canoe map of the scenic Flambeau Flowage.

Dams provide opportunities for kayak enthusiasts.
Boat Launches

Some plant locations have boat launch and water access available to the public.
Fishing Opportunities

Fishing above or below the dam at certain times of the spring or fall can be some of the best all year.
Emergency Planning

Our team of professionals has developed emergency action plans for each hydroelectric facility to cope with major flood events.

Renewable World Energies continues to be a trusted supplier for the power generation marketplace.

At a Glance

  • Developing, upgrading, owning, and operating hydroelectric facilities
  • Clients such as public utilities, governmental agencies and private power producers
  • From large interconnected plant systems to isolated micro-hydro stations¬†

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