Acquisition, Development and Finance

Bill Harris, Founder/President/CEO of Renewable World Energies, LLC has been acquiring self-standing hydro plants and groups of hydro plants from private companies, individuals, partnerships, and utilities since 1978.


Renewable World Energies, LLC has redeveloped previous hydroelectric sites and rehabilitated original infrastructure turning non-productive assets into sustainable supplemental energy sources in many communities.  Our team can evaluate existing dams for their potential energy contribution whether or not they previously had hydroelectric operations at the site.

Our team is always looking for the next opportunity to buy, sell, rehabilitate, or redevelop hydroelectric assets.  The team is well equipped and has the resources to work with interested parties to buy, sell or finance these acquisitions.

Parties interested in selling or purchasing small to mid size hydro electric assets should contact us.

Renewable World Energies continues to be a trusted supplier for the power generation marketplace.

At a Glance

  • Developing, upgrading, owning, and operating hydroelectric facilities
  • Clients such as public utilities, governmental agencies and private power producers
  • From large interconnected plant systems to isolated micro-hydro stations 

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