About Us

Renewable World Energies, LLC (RWE) was founded in March of 2012 with 17 hydroelectric plants located throughout the Midwest as a spinoff of an independent hydroelectric power producer co-founded by Bill Harris in the 1970’s.  RWE continues to acquire hydroelectric power plants from private companies, individuals and utilities with a goal of producing clean, renewable energy for generations to come.

Renewable World Energies, LLC (RWE) owns, operates and maintains 20 hydroelectric power plants throughout Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois.

As a steward of pristine woodlands and water ways, Renewable World Energies is a champion of sound conservation practices on the 3,000 acres of forestland and 38 miles of shoreline we own.  Our vision is to make them available for generations to come, providing enjoyment and inspiring educational values, all while producing renewable clean energy.

Renewable World Energies continues to be a trusted supplier for the power generation marketplace.

At a Glance

  • Developing, upgrading, owning, and operating hydroelectric facilities
  • Clients such as public utilities, governmental agencies and private power producers
  • From large interconnected plant systems to isolated micro-hydro stations 

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Corporate Office
100 S State Street
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Administration Office
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Phone 855-99-HYDRO